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Top 30 Weird Amazing Facts I Bet You Don’t Know

Top 30 Weird Amazing Facts I Bet You Don’t Know : We have some crazy facts for you that will blow your mind. The world is filled with mysteries. Some solved, some you can’t fathom and some that remain completely unknown. Enjoy our collection of amazing facts about about the world? Then be sure to like, comment and share our post if you like it. Satiate your curiosity for the world around you with these ninety-nine fascinating, hilarious, and downright interesting facts :

Top 30 Weird Amazing Facts I Bet You Don't Know

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We have collected these amazing facts from different sources on the internet. And we bet you cannot find a better collection anywhere. Check out these mind blowing weird facts and we will come up with the next set of facts exclusively for you.

Top 30 Weird Amazing Facts I Bet You Don’t Know

  1. Human brain cells take only 6 minutes to react to alcohol.
  2. Flag at the Jagannath Temple (Puri) flies in the direction opposite to the wind.
  3. In Vietnam, it’s apparently bad luck to have three people in a photo as the one in the middle would die very soon.
  4. In Denmark, you have to make a special request to choose your baby’s name. Else you have to choose from 24000 government approved names.
  5. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) pays Rs 3.54 for each 2000 note.
  6. Ants never sleep.
  7. Gorillas can catch human cold and other illness.
  8. Body Hair has been related to intelligence. Hairier people tend to be smarter.
  9. Even forced smile can elevate your mood when you are sad.
  10. Do you still think a day is of 24 hours? It is of 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.
  11. Nails grow faster in summer than in winter.
  12. Grasshoppers have 5 eyes.
  13. Vitamin C can kill cancer stem cells.
  14. Twitter for the first 3 years made ZERO dollar as revenue.
  15. Fifteen minutes of laughing a day can make you lose weight.
  16. There is no word that rhymes with PURPLE.
  17. Venus is the only planet which rotates clockwise.
  18. Everyone has a unique tongue print just like unique thumbprint.
  19. All babies are born colour blind.
  20. The Amazon logo indicates that you can get everything from A to Z.
  21. Dogs learned to smile because they’ve seen humans do the same.
  22. Otters sleep holding hands.
  23. Facebook earns $568.65 per second.
  24. Sea horses give their partners a hug every morning during pregnancy.
  25. 90% of the people restart the song if they miss their favourite line.
  26. Sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan as it is considered as exhaustion due to working hard.
  27. The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to be a heavy drinker.
  28. Most of the world’s richest people were high school and college dropouts.
  29. We tend to change our voice when we talk to someone we like.
  30. 65% f the cars that Rolls Royce has produced are still on the roads today.

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