10 Most Important Things NOT TO Do In A Relationship

Things NOT TO Do In A Relationship : Relationships are established when 2 souls meet and decide to stay together forever. However some couples have a very bad ending note, some decide to stay friends and move on in their lives and some live the rest of their lives together. But do you know that almost every relationship has to go though a tough phase at least once. And yes ! This is what decides whether you’re meant to be together or you will fall apart. Things NOT TO Do In A Relationship will help you a lot to rectify some mistakes that you commit in your relationship.

Things NOT TO Do In A Relationship

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10 Most Important Things NOT TO Do In A Relationship

  1. Tell them about yourself. Yes, you need to open up about yourself and tell your partner about your likes, dislikes, favourites everything. Very introvert people tend to stay quiet and are often mistaken as rude or uninterested. Talk your heart out because you have someone who can listen you all day all night. Be good friends before being lovers.
  2. Never break their trust. Trust is like a piece of paper which one crumbled cannot be brought back to the original texture. Breaking trust means breaking the heart of your partner. They’ve trusted you with their body, soul and heart and when they get to know that you are breaking their trust, for them everything is ruined.
  3. Respect them. To love is to respect them. Loving your partner means to accept the imperfections in them and still love them unconditionally. Where you can’t respect someone, you can’t love them and that’s for sure. Everyone has flaws but accepting those flaws is important.
  4. Never compare them. Don’t compare your partner with anyone. Be it your ex or your best friend or your sibling or your parents. Remember there is a reason why your ex is an ex now. Your best friend or your siblings don;t share the same bond as your partner. Relationships are very fragile and making your partner insecure about themselves is the worst thing one can do.
  5. Make them feel special. Making your partner feel special occasionally is a turn on. You can send them a gift if you are in a distance relationship or you may take on a dinner date if you are in the same city. Try to make your relationship interesting and lively. Don’t stick to old fights or your past relationships or bad memories.
  6. Don’t take your partner for granted. Don’t take for granted what you have now, because you think they will stay. Appreciate your partner and be grateful for all that they are and what they do for you.
  7. Never cheat. No explanation needed. This is very obvious.
  8. Dismiss any problem. Even worse is not taking problems seriously with your bf/gf. If they voice a concern, listen. Hear the issue from their point of view and try to come up together with a resolution. Don’t wave it away and wait for it to blow over, because it’ll never actually go away. Little problems that could’ve nipped in the bud will just grow into a complicated mess.
  9. Don’t ignore them. Once we have them then we tend to think that they will stay forever and we start ignoring them. We start giving other things more importance like friends, pets, TV Series, games and so on. It can be anything. Remember if you love someone then they should be your priority. Don’t ignore them.
  10. Support them in endeavors. Your partner needs your support and backing in his future endeavors. Never demotivate him/her. Let them know that you are with them even if they succeed or fail. You should never shoot down their dreams or goals, no matter how far-fetched they may be. You should always be there for them, even if they make a stupid decision, to help pick them up and dust them off after. 


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