How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature of how to delete sent messages. By using this option the message gets deleted on the recipient side and the sender side both. But we have found out ways of reading those deleted messages and today we will share them with you. Check out How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp and check messages from everyone right now.

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how to recover whatsapp deleted messages

How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

Method 1

You can do this by long-pressing the Settings icon.
Tap the Widgets symbol that appears at the top of the pop-up window.
Drag the Settings widget to your home screen.
Now scroll down to Notification Log and tap on the relevant entry on the list.

Method 2

Alternatively, you can view the same list by downloading an app called Notification History.

Please Note : We were able to read any deleted messages that we’d already read in WhatsApp, for example, and any deleted messages that we’d swiped away when they first appeared on-screen as notifications. We weren’t, however, able to recover any deleted messages that we hadn’t seen or interacted with before they were deleted, which should come as a relief for everyone.

Moreover, the method has a restriction that only the first 100 characters of the deleted message will be visible. The feature is available only for users running Android 7.0 and above. Users can only retrieve text which means any kind of media file cannot be recovered.


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