Ram Rahim Singh – MSG Complete Story

Ram Rahim Singh – MSG Complete Story : Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh  was born on 15 August ,1967 and is an Indian guru. He also worked as a music producer, singer-songwriter, actor and filmmaker. He has been the head of his social group Dera Sacha Sauda since 23 September ,1990.  Let us see his complete history and full story Ram Rahim Singh – MSG Complete Story in details here.

Ram Rahim Singh – MSG Complete Story

He was born on 15 August, 1967 at Sri Gurusar Modia village in Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. His father Maghar Singh was a Jat Sikh landlord while his mother Naseeb Kaur was a housewife. His father was a devoted follower of the DSS leader Shah Satnam Singh, and Gurmeet accompanied his father to the dera. This is how everything started in Gurmeet Singh’s life.

As an adult, Gurmeet Singh did very odd jobs, including driving a tractor, and assisted his father in seva at the dera. When Shah Satnam Singh announced his retirement in 1990, Satnam Shah appointed him as his successor, giving him the name “Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim”. Gurmeet Singh became the leader of the dera at the very early age of 23, on 23 September 1990.

Ram Rahim Singh’s Family

Gurmeet Ram Rahim claimed that his father knew that he would take ‘sanyas’ at the age of 23. So his parents decided to get him married when he was 17. He has a son and two daughters from his marriage. After he started leading the sect, he left his family. Ram Rahim Singh’s wife continued to stay at Dera. In the later years, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh also adopted Honeypreet as his daughter.

Both Charanpreet and Amarpreet are married to men given really fancy names by Baba Ram Rahim. Charanpreet’s sons are named Sweetluck Singh and Subah-e-Dil. The daughters have acted in his MSG series of films. The sons-in-law assist in managing the dera business.

Ram Rahim Singh ‘s Followers

His Twitter profile describes him as “Spiritual Saint/Philanthropist/Versatile Singer/Allrounder Sportsperson/Film Director/Actor/Art Director/Music Director/ Writer/Lyricist/Autobiographer/DOP.”

Ram Rahim Singh ‘s Controversial Past

Ram Rahim’s first controversy came into limelight when a sadhvi from her dera wrote a letter purposely  and wrote about alleged sexual exploitation of woman followers in the dera.

The rape, by the way, was called an act of pardon (maafi to be precise). Some women, as was later revealed, believed it was a blessing. But not all. The two women who testified against him had similar stories. The primary complainant, whose anonymous letter to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, became the basis of an FIR by CBI in 2002, told the CBI court that she was called by Pitaji (that’s what they call him) into his gufa (cave) in the intervening night of August 28 and 29, 1999 for granting maafi (pardon). He threatened to kill her if she did not give in. The rape made her realise the reality of the dera. She complained to her brother, who revolted and escaped with her. He was later murdered.

What are deras?

Deras, literally meaning home, over the years, turned into shrines of saints who operated outside the ritualistic regime of mainstream religions.

His Contribution and Work

Sacha Sauda, Radhasoami, Sachkhand Ballan, Nurmahal, Nirankari and Namdhari are the biggest deras in Punjab and its adjoining states. Over the years, these deras have become industrialised, making healthcare and education affordable and accessible to their followers. Dera Sacha Sauda was one of the first to venture into fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses, producing a range of products from cosmetics to packaged food and even films.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s Shocking Revelation

Packets of condoms and contraceptives were found in large quantity inside his Deras. It  has been reported that between 1999-2002, around hundred sadhvi’s have left the Deras but only 10 have been recognized. The identity of those 10 sadhvis  have not been revealed.
Honeypreet “The adopted daughter” of Gurmeet Ram Raheem also has a controversy attached. Baba requested to court to allow her to stay with him inside the jail. According to sources, this daughter of baba is missing after she tried to escape him from the jail.

Ram Rahim Singh’s Movies

MSG -The Messenger (2015)
MSG 2 – The Messenger (2015)
MSG – The Warrior Lion Heart (2016)
Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab – The Warrior Lion Heart  2 (2016)
Jattu Engineer (2017)

Ram Rahim Singh’s Overconfidence

He was so full of himself that he once claimed to be the force behind Virat Kohli. He also said he was a scientist.

Gurmeet Singh MSG in Politics

Congress MLA Harminder Singh Jassi, whose daughter is married to the son of the Dera chief, was seen as playing an instrumental role in getting Dera’s support. Despite the fact that SAD (Badal)-BJP together formed the government in 2007, the alliance was virtually decimated in 21 constituencies of Malwa, the region where Dera has the maximum following.

Dera followers and administrators in the past have defended the cases of rape, saying their de-addiction campaigns did not go down well with many leading to such conspiracies. They also blame politics and politicians for their troubles.

Ram Rahim Singh ‘s Judgement Day

Gurmeet, who drove to Panchkula in a large convoy of scores of vehicles, put out a tweet appealing for peace and saying he would go to court even though he had a backache. Charges of rape, castration and murder were aginst him.

Special CBI judge Jagdeep Singh was flown into Rohtak jail on Monday morning in a helicopter to pronounce the sentence on self-styled godman Ram Rahim Singh. The judge sentenced he ‘godman’ to two 10-year prison terms that will run consecutively.

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