Interesting Facts About Bigg Boss 11 : Salman Revealed at Launch

Interesting Facts About Bigg Boss 11 : One of the most awaited show Bigg-Boss Season 11 about to come. Salman Khan the Bollywood super star is going to host this most popular show Bigg Boss Season 2017 (season 11) again. At the launch of the 11 season, Salman revealed some amazing facts about Bigg Boss 11. According to Salman Khan this season will be full of lots of action and masala.

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Interesting facts about bigg boss 11

Interesting Facts About Bigg Boss 11

  1. New Logo: Bigg Boss 11 has a new logo. Recently, the makers revealed the new logo of the show, which is in yellow and white.
  2. Show to start in September: Bigg Boss 11 will be aired earlier than usual. The show is generally premiered in October but this year, the makers have decided to air it from September.
  3. Combo of celebrities and commoners: Taking a cue from last year’s success, this year also viewers will get to see commoners compete with celebrity contestants. Manveer Gurjar, winner of Bigg Boss 10 was also a commoner. The registration for aam aadmi contestants closed on July 21.
  4. Commoners to enter in pairs: According to reports, the commoners will enter the show in pairs, like mother-daughter, father-son, siblings, to make the show more entertaining.
  5. No fees for the commoners: Reportedly, the commoners participating in Bigg Boss 11 will not be paid any participation fee. According to a report in, commoners who are slightly more known than other contestants, might get paid something, but they will not be paying anything to the aam aadmi contestants. However, these contestants will make money by finishing tasks and contestants who help increase the TRPs will receive special bonuses.
  6. Contestants to undergo a thorough medical checkup: According to the makers of Bigg Boss 11 will get a thorough medical checkup of the participating contestants done, which will reduce the odds of contestants withdrawing from the show at the last moment or when they are inside the house, owing to their bad health.
  7. The celebrities who are likely to participate in the show are Jamai Raja actress Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur, Nandish Sandhu, Abhishek Mallik, Mohit Malhotra and social media celebrity Dhinchak Pooja.

Interesting Facts About Bigg Boss 11 Revealed By Salman Khan

  1. According to Salman Khan, Bigg Boss will not get any TRPs if he stops hosting it. This fact came in our mind too but later on he thanked the makers and the channel for letting him don the cap of a host for yet another season.
  2. Since he was living with his parents so claimed that he has best padosis in the world. As according to the trailer released Bigg Boss Season 11’s theme is padosis.
  3. The actor was also asked who he would like from the entertainment industry as his neighbours from the present generation of actors, Salman said that he was happy with his current neighbour, veteran film actress Waheeda Rahman.
  4. When quizzed about his favourite season of the show, Salman said that he is particularly fond of Season 5. Season 5 had contestants like JuhiParmar, Shakti Kapoor, and PoojaBedi. TV actress JuhiParmar was the winner of the fifth season.
  5. When asked about his favourite thing about Bigg Boss, the actor said that the love-hate relationships shared by the participants is one of the best things about the show, and also claimed that there is no other show he would rather host.
  6. Amazing question was when Salman Khan asked about the amount being offered to him for hosting Bigg Boss 11. When asked whether he is in fact charging Rs 11 crore per episode for the show, Salman begged the media to persuade Colors’CEO Raj Nayak to pay him the aforementioned amount. And Raj Nayak only had one response, “Salman Khan doesn’t come cheap.”

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