China Opens Dual Use Highway Via Tibet

China Opens Dual Use Highway: China has opened dual use 40.4 Km highway to Nepal via Tibet. The highway is between Xingaze airport and Xingaze city centre. It is officially opened for the public on Friday with a short section linking to the Nepal border.

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China opens Highway in Tibet

China Built Highway in Tibet

Highway will shorten the journey from an hour to 30 minutes. The new highway will become the new corridor for India and China. The new road runs parallel with the Xigaze-Lhasa railway and links the city’s ring roads with the 5,476-kilometre G318 highway from Shanghai to Zhangmu on the Nepal border, the report said. This highway connects border town of Zhangmu with Lhasa (provincial capital of Tibet).

China has been stepping efforts to improve road connectivity between Tibet and Nepal also speeding up plan to build railway connectivity too. Nepali former PM signed a treaty with Beijing last year during his tenure. Treaty is all about blockade to Indian goods to provide a major opening for China goods and to reduce dependency on India.

Geographically any extension of road and railway connectivity to south Asia is through India, Bhutan and to Bangladesh. Chinese officials have said in the past that the projects are feasible and could become a trade corridor for India and China if New Delhi comes on board.


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