Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates of 1 November Episode

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates of 1 November Episode : Being the second day of luxury budget morning starts with song Paisa Paisa, which totally compatible with house current scenario. Bigg Boss started with Vikas and Puneesh’s discussion over Akash’s strategy. Vikas hide the shield which Gauhar gave to Akash as immunity. Little fight between Luv and Sbhyasachi over breakfast check out here.

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Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates of 1 November Episode

Akash discuss with Hina and Hiten, that Puneesh and Arshi talking bad about them. Shilpa told Luv and Sapna that captaincy will be given to the person who has more money in the end. So please let my team win, siren blowed that means task started. luv and Priyank took all cotton on the other hand Vikas took all the clothes for cushion. Fight between Shilpa tries to snatch the cushion from Vikas’s side, but he stops her by holding her hand. Other contestants intervene and separate them. Shilpa tried to irritate Vikas team, by eating papaya with them and also tried her best to irritate them. Arshi and Mehjabi Siddiqui too defend Vikas and lash out at Shilpa, who was surprised to see Mehjabi’s behaviour over her. She told Luv and Akash about it and breaks down. Akash and Luv console Shilpa as she got hurt with mehzabi’s talk about her.

Some Glimpse of Vikas Team Vs Shilpa Bigg Boss 11 1st November Episode

Later when Benafsha comes up to Vikas to check if he is okay or not, he loses his cool and tells her to back off. He also tells that he has got nothing to do with her and Priyank Sharma from now onwards. Now they have to live their lives by own their own means. Bigg Boss told teams failed again because they are not able to complete the second order again. Shilpa again tries to instigate Vikas again at the dining table. He avoids talking to her, Shilpa was taunting Vikas that plan again how to make me lose. Shilpa told him that u once say sorry about what you have done with Me and then I will not say or do anything bad to you.

On the other hand Mehzabi tried to be very sweet and take console from others. Hina alert Shilpa that Puneesh and Bandagi might get flipped to Vikas team in the end be careful.

Siren rang again, bigg boss gave order of 25 cushion in 2 hours. Vikas said I will reject Shilpa’s order, Bandagi discussed that Shilpa and Hina not letting win and not giving me money. Vikas told her that ask money before work and in the end Puneesh and you come to me with money we will win. Hina and Shilpa has fight for money, as Shilpa is not giving money to her. Akash hide money in the bathroom and Shilpa ask her to return money to all. After a lot of Fight for money in the house, Akash distribute money to all.

Mehzabi gave her money to Vikas and Puneesh also did the same. Bigg boss asked how much point did they have. benafsha had the highest points in comparison to Luv. On the other hand between Vikas more points than Shilpa. So now Vikas and Benafsha are the contenders for captaincy. Akash said to benafsha that she cheated with him. On the other hand Vikas asked Luv why you would not add money to Hiten instead of benafsha. Vikash said Arshi that Priyank cheated on him over benafsha. He just trust Hiten, as he gave money to him.
Arshi asked Sabhyasachi does he luv Priyank, he said yes. Arshi tried to flirt with Sabyasachi infront of Priyank. On the other hand, Puneesh and Bandagi share some romantic moments in the garden area. Puneesh gave her massage on back. She asked for head massage and asked him will he do it for life long. Puneesh replied yes cutely what he will get in return?

Stay tuned for more updates from the house for more written updates of Bigg Boss 11 episodes.

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