Bigg Boss 11 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update : Dhinchak Pooja Out

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 5th November Episode : Bigg boss starts with Salman Khan’s conversation with the house members about the elimination. He says that he won’t take much time today. He will directly tell the name of the eliminated contestant. He tells Benafsha to come out of the house and he also adds that she has got the lease number of votes from the audience. But then everyone realises that is was merely a joke. Now there is a task given by Salman. He makes a group of 2 people – one of them will be asked questions by Salman and if the answer is No then the other person’s hair will be waxed by the jallad.

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Bigg Boss 11 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Vikas Waxing When Hina Said No To Salman Questions

Bigg Boss 11 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update : Dhinchak Pooja Out

Bandagi has some question asked by Salman if she says no then jallad will wax Akash. Jallad smile for the first time infront of camera. Salman asked Bandagi whether she likes Akash. She says no. He also asked whether Puneesh and Akash are good friends. She says yes, so you know well going happened later. Next Jodi was of Sapna and Puneesh. Salman asked Sapna will Puneesh die without bandagi she says no. Next question was whether Luv always does what Hina tells him to do and she says no. This means again Puneesh hair waxed by jallad. Puneesh is high level captain ? She says No. Again Puneesh got waxed by jallad. Next Jodi Hina and Vikas as many times Hina said no jallad waxed him. Vikas called you lomdi because you are intelligent, she said no. Vikas manipulates everybody in the house, answer is no. So Vikas got waxed again. Vikas can fight his war by himself answer is no. This time he was waxed for the last time. Salman asked Jallad to come back on stage. Salman trolled Bandagi that good news for you that your your bf is here. She was totally shocked. But then he diverted from the topic and said that the Good news for Bandagi is she is safe, Sapna is also safe.

Salman shows place in the house which has a lot of mess and is dirty. He Shows the house members dirty place in the house, also gave tag of “asvach” to three persons in the house after housemates voted for each other. Arshi used Asthama word for Hina’s mom, and Hina broke down again. Salman interfered in between that asthama is not joke person suffer a lot in it. She said sorry to her but Hina said sir I couldn’t say anything to person who’s class is l so bad. Arshi said don’t go for class. Verbal fight between Shilpa and Hina about kitchen clothes which she washed in the bathroom. As it is not hygienic for her, as we used bucket for different clothes. Hina Priyank and Benafsha discussed about Bandagi that she is scared of elimination. Shilpa discussed about Hina with Arshi that she is insecure because Salman says Shilpa is playing well. Arshi said to Puneesh that Priyank is doing bad things after coming back. Puneesh said Priyank is girl in boy’s body.

Time for sultani akhada – Akash vs Priyank. First round of verbal spat won by Priyank. Second round pull down opponent Priyank won it after tie breaker round. Now third round same as second but blind folded. This time also Priyank won. Salman said Priyank you are safe after giving winning medal to him. He won by 5-0.


Salman welcomed today’s guest sweta sing ajtak, Tanisha Banerjee and Karanveer Singh. He Asked them questions about house mates. KV said there must be something between Shilpa and Vikas. Tanisha took Shilpa’s side that you are thinking from Vikas point of view. Inmates are given task that they need to share a secret about themselves. Whosoever secret is amazing and convincing will be safe from elimination.

Dark Secret Of Contestant Revealed in Episode 5th November Bigg Boss 11

Puneesh – I found Bandagi’s photo before coming in the house I put it in my phone.

Hina – I was once beaten in childhood, I ran away from house. By any how I got noticed by my maid

Bandagi – She comes to booth and says when I was in college,I didn’t have cash to gift my parents on diwali, I took money from my dad’s wallet and sent them gifts anonymously.

Hiten – Says my secret is that Gauri shops everything for me and even my underwears. One time I was drunk after party, Guari let me in house. I went to vomit, I came out, I think my wife must have scolded me but I don’t remember a thing.

Priyank – once I thrown out from the set by Vikas with in three hours.

Benafsha – I have a mental problem, anxiety that she smile from front but in the end.

Mehzabi – I ate food at home by stealing it.

Sapna – I wanted to be sub inspector but due to money problem I didn’t tell my mom.

Shilpa – I could not tell my dad that I didn’t clear my graduation. But now he is dead I want to tell him.

Vikas – My Dad was leaving home when I was very small. I didn’t stop him and I regret that.

Sabhyasachi – once I want to do Sex reassignment surgery for my loved one.

Luv – steal petrol from my mama scooter.

According to three guest Shilpa is safe from the nomination because they found her secret is convincing. Now Sabhyasachi, Pooja and Benafsha left for elimination. Salman announced that Benafsha is safe, sabhyasachi is safe and dhinchak Pooja is out from the house. Shilpa and Arshi discussed that she didn’t talk properly to anyone

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