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Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 28th October Full Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 28th October Full Episode : Bigg Boss 28th October episode starts with Weekend ka Vaar with Salman. He asked housemates to tell the worst contender of the week.

According to the housemates choice Pooja got the worst remark after votes. Salman told house members that luxury budget task was not up to the mark. He also questioned Sapna why she is not participating in the task again. And she is always going personal with all and when others react on her, she got angry.

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Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 28th October Full Episode Highlights

Shilpa try to defend Sapna over Arshi and Sapna matter infront of Salman but Salman said ki why don’t we try to avoid bad things if we don’t want them to happen. And ask Shilpa why Pooja is on bull rather Mehzabi didn’t do anything. Besafna said Pooja go out by her on will, but Salman cross check her saying mehzabi also go by her interest.

Hina told Salman that she nominated Pooja because she has not given her reason for health issue rather gave I will go to jail why should I sit here. Pooja told Salman that why she failed to get known about Vikas strategy.

And ask all how was Luv captaincy? Vikas said not good befashna also supported him. Hina said luv do it very well, Salman ask why he don’t able to take care of his time when he has given chance to do so. Instead of it his team lost in the war which he need to support.

After this Salam again ask is Pooja deserves for worst performer of the week?

Mean while Gauhar enters into house, with brief case which has special power to be given to the person who convinced Gauhar to give it to him and why?

First Arshi told Gauhar that she want power, because everybody his in her oppose. But Gauhar said gave something new reason and come again for the power. Gauhar told Puneesh that he is not giving his opinion because all his opinion revolves just around Bandagi. She also says Sabyasachi and Mehzabi that why they both are in the crowd not in the front. She ask Hina is she happy, Hina said yes! and tell her not to go on others family. Hina ask when somebody come on our family, Gauhar sadvice her not to go on others families. Vikas said I don’t need power, as he is not so much popular in house Gauhar said stop it because these are just “khayali pulav” of his mind and just concentrate on work in the house.

Vikas said he always did good for Shilpa but in return he only got bitterness. Akash also said same as Vikas. He said I do work but no body sees it, Gauhar said you should do it continuously and control his weirdness. Bigg boss asked Gauhar’s decision and three names Akash (biggest entertainer in the house) Vikas and Arshi (both are entertaining too).

Gauhar gave special power to Akash because she got convinced by his word that he wants to give chance to others that’s why he came in last. In the briefcase there is nomination Saviour for him which bigg boss tells him later.
Akash enjoy the moment with Pooja, but Hina questioned Gauhar decisions.
Salman meet house members again through Jio tv, and is he deserving for this? Hina replies no to Salman. Ask Shilpa that is Hina upset because her name was not there in the power name. Salman tells Shilpa and Vikas is safe, and have to live together. Both of them is safe along with Akash.

Golmaal team enters into the house again Ajay, parineeti, tabu and Rohit Shetty cane again to thanks public for their support. Golmaal again become huge success as it collect 30 crores on the first day.

Task is given for house members, which are three constant are hit, super hit and block busters among them. There is podium and gave three people name for above list. Pooja is hit, Akash is blockbuster and Arshi is super hit. Salman said pari and Rohit is big fan of her and ask to sung song for them dilo ka shotter.

Salman changes position put Akash to hit position , super hit position for Shilpa and Hina at the blockbuster position. It was a time for weekend Dangal between two people this time Pooja and Sapna nominated for it.

It was a time for weekend Dangal between two people this time Pooja and Sapna nominated for sultani akhada. Sapna tells how come she can hit Pooja because she is small on the other hand. Puneesh tells Pooja about Sapna bad things.

As we know sultani akhada has three rounds as usual so Sapna Vs Pooja Starts.

First round is verbal spat for 1 point they have to defend why she is entertaining? Both of them confronted themselves well and Salman adviced Arshi to keep quiet when he is judging task. First round winner Pooja gained more whistles and won.
Second round starts tug of war in which Sapna won. For Third round Pooja chose luv and Sapna chose Hiten for three points. In tug of war for third round Hiten and Sapna in one team while Pooja and Luv in other.

In the third round Sapna and Hiten won against luv and Pooja. Slaman also told Sapna is safe. With Pooja dilo ka scooter song Salman says goodbye to all. Benafsha, Luv and Jyoti left for nomination for tomorrow stay tuned for more updates about the show.

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