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Bigg Boss 11 November 13 2017 full Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 November 13 2017 full Episode Written Updates : Bigg Boss today’s episode starts with Puneesh compliment that Hiten is the only celeb in the house. Benafsha tried to woke-up Priyank, on the other hand Priyank compliments her having soft and kissable hands. Hina told Priyank that Benafsha is falling for him. Benfsha said Shilpa that Priyank calling her to on hin back. Shilpa get offended, Priyank said sorry for this and says you are of my mother’s age. Hina scolded Priyank over whole stuff with Shilpa.

Vikas farts in the kitchen and Puneesh makes fun of it. Puneesh and Bandagi discussed about Vikas and Shilpa relationship. On the other Akash called this a pre-plan game before coming into the show. Akash said Shilpa is not my mother from now. She is Shilpa Shinde from now onwards and apologise each and every member of the house.

Bigg Boss 11 November 13, 2017 full Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss made a tower in the garden area on which phone rang. Hina climb over it and pick the call, on the Bigg Boss says “hello Hina you are nominated for this week, as you picked the call first”. Hina smiled and said okay, Bigg gave her chance to get safe by convince Luv to make a tattoo of “ZERO” on his forehead for her.

Luv got convinced himself to have a tattoo, Hina asked him not to do this because it will be visible for many days. Luv said its okay he is doing this for himself. Big Boss asked Hina to give call to Akash. He climbed up and took the call from Bigg Boss. He was the next who was nominated and got task to get safe by convincing Hiten to destroy his, family pictures which he got as Diwali gift. Hiten agrees and destroy his family pictures all hug him over his this hard step. Hiten was next to get nominated and can be saved only if Priyank sacrifices his hairs for him. Priyank agrees but Vikas got upset with Priyank’s decision.

Vikas told Hiten that he don’t like Priyank decision of getting bald and didn’t stop Priyank because he wouldn’t listen to him. Hina and Vikas got into argument over Priyank’s sacrifice. Next Priyank got nominated only if Benafsha nomites herself for next two weeks. Vikas tries to convince her for not supporting Priyank over this but she accepted Bigg Boss decision of nominations for two weeks.

Akash told Shilpa that he is playing game for getting support from everyone in the house and wants to break Arshi and Vikas bond. Shilpa got nominated next and condition to get saved will be told by Bigg Boss on the next episode.

So stay connected to us for more Bigg Boss 11 full Episode Written Updates. Shilpa spnaked Hiten butt and blames Arshi over this. Also Shilpa, Arshi and Bandagi spanks Akash’s butt in the luggage room and creates some light moments in the house of dangal.

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