Bigg Boss 11 November 11 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 November 11 Episode Written Updates : Bigg Boss is a house of controversies and the housemates don’t leave any stone unturned to make the episodes entertaining and funny.

Bigg Boss 11 November 11 Episode Written Updates

Bigg boss 11 episode November 11 weekend ka vaar started with Salman‘s show asking everyone who was villain of this week. Everyone gave their suggestions. Luv said villain is Akash , according to Bandagi villain was Priyank as he always taunted her on the name of her alleged bf, Dennis Nagpal. Salman said that Priyank we  had done a small joke on Bandagi and you took it to another level. Bandagi broke down by saying that Priyank taunted her again and again about her ex. She also added that she left her ex because he wanted to share Bandagi with someone else too. Salman tried to console her. Priyank replies that her ex was his friend. He told me to convey message to her and I told her it’s her call. Priyank told Salman everything between Bandagi and him. Salman asked him to stand in the katghara.

Bandagi said Priyank always said badmouthed about each other’s family. Bandagi said Priyank always tries to provoke others. Salman said all are raising their voices so let me ask someone who is not saying anything. Hiten said that Priyank tried to provoke and Puneesh abused badly. Salman asked from where provoking things started in the house. Arshi said these provoking statements are coming from Hina’s mind.

Benafsha tries to put allegation on Akash that he said to Hina that he always goes in night to Arshi and asks her show me something. Vikas told Salman that Benafsha is lying and she is wrong on her part considering whatever she did with Akash. Salman asked all inmates you all are on a national tv show so please have some respect and dignity about our culture. Ben said I asked many times Akash to stop this nonsense. Whereas Akash said I am not a kid. Salman stops her saying that I have video recprding of yours where you are saying such stuff we cannot show it to audience even on adult hours. Ben said sorry sir I couldn’t recollect it.

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Arshi again said sir person behind all of this is Hina. Salman asked Hina about it. Hina explained it to him, Salman said when you know about it you can solve it by sitting with them. Hina stops him and says no no sir it can’t possible with Akash as his behaviour is fluctuating. Salman said you are not understanding but from our point of view you made Akash villain of house. Salman repeated her dialogue that “Akash’s behaviour around girls is reason of fight”. Arshi taunted her by saying please Hina don’t cry please.

Salman said to Hina that for the first time I got convinced from Arshi. Salman asked Akash not to say bad things about girls or women. Salman asked all the girls to raise their hands who were disrespected by Akash. Two hands raised Hina and Benafsha. Salman asked these 2 hands shouldn’t be raised again. Bandagi said to Hiten that I told big reason to him, after that also he didn’t stop saying it. Hiten consoled Hina that try to understand Salman’s words. Priyank asked Arshi and Shilpa that I said bad about you once after that I didn’t. But Akash said something that’s why Ben is sad. It’s okay now all things are cleared in the house.

Salman said 105 days left in finale, we will have winner and price money is zero. Salman asked Vikas who was reason behind luxury budget zero. Vikas said sir that was not my idea, but I should stop them from doing it. Hina said sir we are in disastrous situation thats why. Salman said you gave provoking statement like lets make this task adventurous. Mehzabi added that Hina was that only girl, who said when Bandagi left the rocket that these people are free people. Salman corrects her by saying anaconda this was said by Priyank not Hina. Salman asked everyone to be careful as their family is also watching them. Be careful about each and every stuff about the show.

Priyank said Bandagi put allegations on me that i have slept with people for work. Salman said you are responsible for this, you have to deal with it. Salman said I forget word that chup rho in English. Ben said shut up. Salman again pull Hina leg about leaving leg also Hiten part of it. Again Salman pull legs over rocket luxury task. Arshi asked Salman to say something Hina she always says everything in English. Salman nominated people sre Ben, Sabhyasachi, Priyank, mehzabi and Sapn- a name I will tell you tomorrow.

After Salman was gone Priyank told Benafsha that you made mistakes in the house. Don’t make other to put question over you. Hina said to Akash we should leave this here only and move on. Akash said I am bigger person as I said good night you first. Hina said I also replied you back. Salman said let’s see whi is in the house. Kapil Sharma came in for promoting his movie firangi. Kapil tries to make smile others, as usual. He told others that we have letters form your fans. Jalad take letter box in the house, Kapil read it out and other have to guess it. Kapil read priye handsome our security company need boxers all guessed Priyank and luv. Kapil asked others whom they want to hit others on back. He has props anyone can hit it by putting mask.


He asked Sapna first and put favourite mask, she put Vikas mask and kicked him. Priyank put Puneesh mask he didn’t kick just break hands for doing and saying bad about his parents. Next Akash put Priyank mask and kicked him badly. Next Arshi masked prop Hina and kicked her badly as she tried to made her vamp her. Kapil promotes his movie firangi in the show.

Akash make rap for Kapil Sharma, he replied yo mujhe kch samajh nhi aya. Salman welcomes kapil Sharma on stage and promotes his movie by giving him task. To translate his Hindi dialogue into English. Funny movements between Kapil and Salman. Kapil says bye to all, and please come to watch my movie firangi. Salman said on this 6th week we will get to know about who is going tomorrow.

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