Bigg Boss 11 November 10th Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 November 10th Episode Written Updates : House of Bigg Boss is a house of drama every other day. The prize money of Bigg Boss has come down to zero and every other person was blaming each other in the last episode. Now let’s have a look at what happened in today’s episode. Check it out guys.

Bigg Boss 11 November 10th Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 started with Hina and Benafsha talking about Priyank that something is growing between Priyanka and Ben. Ben said that she has a boyfriend. Hina said “Tum jis school ki student ho. main wahan ki principal hoon”. They both were also discussing that this is the first time when Bigg Boss has not ended the kalkothari punishment for so long. Usually it ends in the morning but this time it ended in the evening. Hina said in the camera that this is very unfair.

Luv and Priyank meet Hina and Benafsha in the jail. Hina gets angry that Vikas is alleging that she is running a game in spite of being in the jail. She claims that Vikas wants to run dictatorship and this will not work in her case. Meanwhile, Vikas and Sapna discuss that Hina told Luv to misbehave with Arshi. Hiten listens to everything. Hina also alleges that Vikas repeatedly tries to grab Shilpa’s attention.

Bigg Boss 11 November 10th Episode Captaincy fight

The three contestants for the captaincy – Sabyasachi Satpathy, Bandgi Kalra and Akash Dadlani will have to convince the other contestants to give them their eggs. The three in the jail will together have only one egg. All other contestants will have 1 egg each. The contestant with the maximum number of eggs at the end of the game will be declared captain. Sapna will be the moderator for this task. Puneesh promises his friends that he will break all of Sabyasachi’s eggs. But all other members of the house give their votes to Sabyasachi. Bandagi is upset that she did’nt stand a chance to win the captaincy. Puneesh hugs her and tells her that its okay. She has given up her captaincy for something good in the house so she should not be upset. Vikas gets close to Sabya’s eggs and Hina warns Luv not trust Vikas.

Hina taunts Akash for not being chosen to be captain. Akash tells the camera that sometimes you need to do the right thing and this is what he has learned in this house. Priyank and Luv say that they don’t trust Vikas to protect the eggs of Sabyasachi. Sapna intervenes and tells everyone to move away. She shouts at Vikas for disrespecting her.

Sabyasachi is the new captain now and everyone congratulates him. Bigg Boss asks him to free one member from the Kalkothari. He chooses Hiten and free him from the jail.

Garnier Man of the Series Akash vs Puneesh Vs Priyank : Bigg Boss 11 November 10th Episode

Bigg Boss asks three jodis to participate in Garnier men oil clear jodi challenge. Akash-Arshi, Priyank-Benafsha, Puneesh-Bandgi participate in a challenge. Akash wins the task by completing it in 40.98 seconds. Priyank-Benafsha went first, complete the task in 56.94 seconds. Puneesh-Bandgi went next, complete the task in 45.59 seconds.

Kapil Sharma will be a part of tomorrow’s episode to promote his upcoming film, Firangi.

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