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Day 10 : Bigg Boss 11 Episode 8 Written Updates | 11-Oct-17 Highlights

Day 10 : Bigg Boss 11 Episode 8 Written Updates : As Day starts new fight enters into the house of Bigg Boss 11, episode 8 starts with fight between Arshi Khan and Sapna Chaudhary. The fight first started in the 7th episode of Bigg Boss 11 during king and queen luxury budget tax. When Sapna was asked to press Arshi’s feet by queen Arshi. Check out the written updates of Bigg Boss 11 Episode 8 highlights below.

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 8 Written Updates 11 Oct 17 Highlights – Day 10 Updates

bigg boss 11 episode 8 written updates

It’s all started when Arshi desired to marry Hiten, Sapna was sitting in the bedroom so she passed a comment person like Hiten wouldn’t like to marry girl like Arshi. After this comment by Sapna, Arshi retaliated by saying Nachnewali to Sapna.

After this comment the desi and new version of Sapna aroused and tell everyone that if she uses this word again she doesn’t mind to beating up her. From then onwards Sapna started irritates her and followed Arshi wherever she went and poked her by singing old vintage songs.

On the other hand Mehjabi starts fuming with anger and wants to take revenge on her (Arshi). As Arshi is not moving from the kitchen and disturbing her not to make tea and others to. Mehjabeen says that she will massage her with her shoes. The fight between two end up shouting at each other. After being criticised by Salman Khan, Arshi changed a lot but her bitchy nature never stops.

Arshi poking nature this time made two enemies in the house Mehjabi and Sapna.

Sapna keeps following her with serving spoon in her hand and singing irritating songs for her. Sapna said a amazing punch line in her own desi style if I beat her (Arshi) she would not be able to wake up before 5-6 months.

Arshi got scared and threatened and ask big boss to call her in the confession room. On the other hand padosis are successful in convincing house mates about fake stories as Shilpa convinced and argues with Luv about how he doesn’t own the property of his nana ji.

Royal task starts again, Shilpa teases Hiten and ask him to select her as the best rani. Both Arshi and Shilpa try to convince Hiten in their own style, trumpet blows and hiten has to gave point to one team.

Firstly he gave points to Arshi team and then to Shilpa team and lastly to the Arshi team which makes Arshi team winner. Bigg Boss asks Hiten to choose the better Rani. Hiten chooses Arshi and she stabs him with a sword as task say if hiten choose a wrong Rani as a good rani.

To Find Answer to the question Why Arshi stad Hiten Check it out > Bigg Boss 11 Episode 8 Written updates

Hiten and Hina talk about their decisions in the task. Mehjabee and Luv Tyagi talk about their secret task and also talk about Jyoti being a double sided drum. Sabyashi, Vikas and a few others talk about how Arshi is a fake PHD and Sabyashachi says that he first thought she is a Transgender. And in the again love bird find their lonely space on the couch and shares some romantic moments.

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