Bigg Boss 11 8th November Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 8th November Episode Written Updates : Today’s episode starts with yesterday fight which was between Puneesh and Priyank. Which was taken to the another level when Priyank by mistakenly spit over Puneesh, in return Puneesh spit over him. Luv came between both of them supporting Priyank, Puneesh loses his cool and abused Priyank. Bandagi asked Luv why are you coming in between both of them.

Bigg Boss 11 8th November Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 8th November Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss gave luxury budget of this week rocket and astronauts, check out below.

While in the rocket Hina, Arshi and Priyank make weird face for Puneesh and Bandagi. First to go out of  the rocket is Shagy ( 75,0000/-), second buzzer Akash (2,50,000/-), third one Arshi (3,10,000/-), fourth Shilpa (8,00,000/- ), and fifth Mehzabi (2,75,000/-).

According to the rule after buzzer who comes out will be in the race of captaincy. Akash would be in the race not others who left behind him. Arshi , Puneesh, Shilpa and Akash discussed about Hina she got jealous of Shilpa very much. While Hina discussed that has Arshi at the top in the hit list.

In the rocket Hina discussed about Puneesh as he is not in the living area, if he is around he will sleep soon. While Puneesh busy with Bandagi, hina advised all to pee in the garden area. Benafsha go outside the rocket and come inside again. All called Puneesh while he was sleeping in the hall area. Hina asked blanket for herself and Sapna. While Vikas asked for green poly bag to pee in it and a blanket. Vikas pee inside the rocket while covered himself with blanket. This time Puneesh done cheating and get outside of rocket. Again Priyank and Vikas went outside of the rocket to cover Hine while she was peeing. Luv this time went inside the house while Puneesh was sleeping. Luv slowly went to the washroom and after him Sapna went inside the bathroom. Sapna went quickly inside the rocket, after all Hiten go inside the house to do washroom, and went for food in the kitchen. Hiten brings food for all from the kitchen.

Another morning all wake up with song, “Rocket mein pocket hain”. In the morning Shilpa discussed with Bandagi that someone came inside the house, while Puneesh is sleeping.

Morning 9:30 am Hiten ask umbrella from Puneesh but Bandagi said say not allowed. He said the same, bugger bang Benafsha (10,000/-) came outside after the buzzer. Benafsha and Akash had some verbal spat between each other, she said bad about your upbringings. Puneesh came between and said please stop. Arshi said why bigg you gave to low to Benafsha.

Hina ask Benafsha to take away food utensil while covering it, buzzer bang again Hiten(10, 00,000) went down. Shilpa asked who put my apple pie outside the bathroom. Bigg Boss asked all the members to come in the living area. All ask does rocket members need to come inside, Bigg boss said all the members including members in the rocket.

Bigg boss said you all unsuccessful again in the luxury budget is zero and winning price also became zero. For Captaincy we have three people Bandagi, Akash and SabhyaSachi. Bigg Boss you all are playing with me, but we closed this task in the morning between 5:30 -6:00 am. When you all are going inside and outside, so we didn’t stop the game till now.

Bigg Boss asked Puneesh to pick all the packet and told everyone money on their names. Puneesh told one by one Sapna (11,00,000/-), Luv (100000), Priyank (60,000), Vikas (1,50,000/-) and Hina(15,00,000/-) cried over the things happening in the rocket task. As due to her 15 lakhs has diminished from winner money due to her.

Episode ends here stay connected to us for more Bigg Boss 11 Written updates.


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