Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Episode 38 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Episode 38 Written Updates : Bigg Boss 11 starts with romantic moments between Bandagi and Puneesh Sharma sharing a bed and going to sleep. Akash apologised to Puneesh for something. Next morning start with another chart buster song. Hiten, Shilpa and Akash dance in the garden, while Shilpa Shinde teases Vikas Gupta with her weird style. Hina discussed about Puneesh and Bandagi closeness everynight infront of national tv. Hiten added how come they would face their families after doing such stuff on national tv. Hina told everybody that Bandagi was totally infatuated by Puneesh, it’s not her mistake. Puneesh should take care of image of girl.

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Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Episode 38 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 7th November 2017 Episode 38 Written Updates

Akash Vs Priyank

Bandagi discussed about inappropriate attire of Benafsha. According to her Benafsha was silent about the jokes but she woke up suddenly after Salman Weekened ka Vaar. Hina told Luv that Akash called Benafsha stinking. By watching the reaction of Shilpa, Mehzabi and Bandagi reaction over Benafsha, Hina felt very bad as they are girls too. Sapna told Hina that Akash always made fun of girls bodies parts and she didn’t getting why Shilpa always defends him.

Luv And Priyank Strategy For Akash

Benafsha told Hina that she felt comfortable and like to sleep in different clothes.  Also, doesn’t like anybody come and uplift my blanket specially boys. In the afternoon as usual Akash done his funny stunts make other laughs over it. He touches Hina abruptly which made her annoying.

Puneesh confront Bandagi that he very made when she asked did he say anything in his ears. Hina again told Benafsha and Priyank that Bandagi and Puneesh might had cross their line in house. Arshi again flirt with Hiten called him hot and on this Vikas made fun of her. Arshi said her father surely through him out of the house after watching this show.

Ben asked for Akash clothes and area where he kept them. Shilpa commented over it, she had lost her mind. Akash said Benafsha always beg daily on TV and how can she called him crazy and stinking. Also, criticised her that she questioned his upbringing added that Benafsha and arshi both are banging the door when he was in the bathroom.

Vikas said Shilpa was the one who always encourage such nonsense in the house. He further added there no difference between Shilpa and benafsha. Hina asked Vikas to told Benafsha that she is wrong. Priyank told that Akash was talking about Benafsha private parts and was doing a bad stuff. He would not spared anyone who done these cheap things over a girl, if he was not in the house. Priyank asked Benafsha to fight her fight by own.

Sabhya Sachi, Puneesh And Bandagi Over Hina

Bandagi told Puneesh that Hina is too much insecure and particular about clothes. Puneesh asked Hina why they were acting late to all that. He told Akash that Hina raked up the joke by calling Benafsha a flat screen Tv.

Priyank and Akash has argument in the house, Benafsha said that she had clarified earlier about all the stuff. Arshi added biggest villain of this season is Hina. Vikas told Akash that he was doing wrong in making comments over girls body (Benafsha Body). This attitude of him would harm in the future. Arshi says she also made fun of boy’s body why we are just considering Akash only.

Mehjabi told people to behave in proper way, Salman Khan’s shows and also a national Tv program. Hina says akash always made bad comments over women. Benafsha said that Puneesh told him about that but he denies.

Priyank Vs Puneesh In Bigg Boss 11 7th November Episode

Big fight between Puneesh and Priyank over Benafsha matter, housemates came in between to separate them from each other. Akash and Bandagi called Benafsha liar as Puneesh swearing on her mom that say this over his face. Angry Ben told Akash that he will be kicked off and pull his hair. Akash complained to Bigg Boss about her nature. Hina supports Benafsha by calling Akash badly bred and needed a psychiatrist.

Puneesh called Priyank bhikhari celeb. When the temperature of house lowers down, Bandagi suggested Puneesh that he needs to behave properly. As she can’t handle such fights daily. Puneesh broke down on her shoulders. Later Priyank told Hina that Puneesh attacked him but Hina said he doesn’t but he tried too.

Shilpa told Arshi that Benafsha shows her class when she pulled Akash hair. Hina again says I don’t understand why Shilpa supporting him for such nonsense. Vikas added some people are desperate for footage.

Bigg Boss 11 7th November Updates – Akash Called Priyank Hina’s Dog

Meanwhile Luv come towards Akash as he called all Hina’s dog including luv. Akash scared little bit of Luv reaction, for this Hina, Priyank and Benafsha taunt him over his reaction. Puneesh told Bandagi that Akash needs him in but Bandagi forbade and told him Arshi and shilpa there for him.

Luv told Shilpa that Akash always make fun of her body, but she didn’t react over this. In returned Akash kissed Shilpa on her cheeks. Hina point out that Akash was the one who always got insulted on the weekend by Salman. Shilpa weeps the in washroom, when Akash asked her what happened she told she can’t handle such fight anymore.

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