Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Updates

Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update : Bigg Boss starts with smooch between Puneesh and Bandagi. Benafsha and Priyank discuss about Bandagi that she is very cunning and is playing very cleverly by having an affair with puneesh. Next day housemates wake up with the song Chumma Chumma De De. Everyone dances on the song. Bandagi asks Puneesh whether the cameras were watching them kissing. He said cameras are everywhere. Hina and Priyank discuss that Bandagi and Puneesh were on the same bed. Ben said that they have crossed all limits. Hina said that even if they’re in love genuinely, all this doesn’t look good. Arshi tells Priyank that I’m not like you who would come as a wild card entry and tell secrets of people. In return, Priyank said that Arshi is “Thu Begam”. Arshi says he is again coming to personal topics. “Arshi Be Thu Begam” he keeps on calling her this. Arshi asks Bigg Boss to call Priyank immediately and scold her for whatever he said.

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Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Updates

Bigg Boss 11 6th November 2017 Written Episode Updates

Hina told all the inmates CP plus camera helps anyone of the house member will be safe from nominations. Shilpa was safe as her secret was most convincing. Puneesh has the power to take 7 names for nominations and they are as follow Ben, Luv, Sabhyasachi, Priyank, Sapna, Mehzabi and Hiten are nominated for this week.

Bigg boss told inmates that now all the members nominated from seven person nominated by the Puneesh. Vikas was called in conference room and he gave name Luv and Sabhyasachi. Bandagi gave name of Ben and Sapna. Shilpa says Sabhyasachi and Priyank name in the conference room. Priyank takes two names of Mehzabi and Sabhyasachi. Sabyasachi takes Priyank and Sapna’s name. Hiten says two name Mehzabi and Sabhyasachi. Luv takes name of Sapna and Benafsha. Banafsha took names of Mehzabi and Sabhyasachi. Hina takes first name Mehzabi and second was Sapna. Mehzabi took names of Benafsha and Priyank. Akash took names of Priyank and Benafsha. Arshi took names of Priyank and Benafsha. Sapna took names of Luv and Hiten. This week nominated people are Priyank, Sabhyasachi, Benafsha mehzabi and Sapna.

Hina said when I was captain this task was not given to me. Arshi said why didn’t you took the name of Priyank. Vikas said I am not in their side but I am with you always. Arshi asked Puneesh that our team member should be the captain. Shilpa given the opportunity to watch the nominations video in the conference room.

In the hall Sapna said I nominated Hiten because he didn’t say anything. Shilpa smiling about the stuff inmates told in nominations. She came out the room smiling. She told All the inmates that I can fire this house. Benafsha asked Shilpa what Akash said about her? Shilpa told that Akash said Benafsha didn’t take away his under garments from the bathroom. Shilpa console her by saying that why you came for show or for Akash. Leave him as his own do your stuff and play according to your game plans.

Priyank, Luv , Hiten and Hina discusses about Akash how he is not a kid he always say bad about girls. Luv added that today Akash said watch Shilpa figure so sexy. The person who says such crap can’t be kid.

Benafsha confronts Akash Dadlani about what he had to say about her. Benafsha said Akash that don’t do anything with me, I am done with you. If you say anything I will not stay back now. Akash said I will not change I am rock star. Benafsha says you made me nothing to lose. Akash said we are rock star we don’t have nothing to lose, today you learnt something from me say thanks to me. People in the garden area thinks Akash started his madness in the house again they run towards bathroom area. But nothing happing inside Akash said we are just normally discussing. Benafsha if you say anything or do anything you find me there from now.

Bigg Boss Season 11 Day 36 12:45 pm Akash and Arshi discussed about moon and Arshi pull legs of Hiten that you looks fabulous in moon light. Also, Arshi said to Puneesh that all the relations are not in bed in a funny way. Hina told Priyank that watch Puneesh and Bandagi doing it infront of camera. How they can do it in front over national Tv .Shabyasachi also also joined the conversation with Hina and Priyank. Today’s show end on this note. Let’s what will happen tomorrow, as the teaser showing amazing fight will be there. Stay connected to us for more episode wise written updates of bigg boss 11 about the show.

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