Bigg Boss 11 4th November 2017 Episode Written Updates Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman

Bigg Boss 11 4th November 2017 Episode Written Updates : Today’s episode starts with fun with Salman Khan, he is in his room. Salman asks siri to show highlights of the yesterday show. Salman comes on stage welcomes everyone to show and told  which profession will suit which inmate, Vikas can become a share broker as he has mind. While Shilpa can become door to door sales woman because she can eat up costumer’s mind. Bandagi can open paan stall as she always put chuna on Puneesh. Sabya can become chef as he always cooks in the kitchen. Salman says we want to show you something and the captaincy task started last night, they have to move cycle and drink water in between, whoever remains on cycle will win task. Puneesh and Hiten were part of it as Ben left task yesterday.


Bigg Boss 11 4th November 2017 Episode Written Updates

Aakash asks Hiten to pee if he wants. Hiten says for whom?pee for you? I cant waste my pee for you, Arshi says why cant you pee? vikas says he has his reasons, if he doesn’t want to pee then don’t. Akash suggesting Hiten that he won’t be able to complete the cycle task. Hiten told him why you suggesting anything what to do what to not. Hiten stepped down from the cycle because he said that he can’t pee infront of camera.

So Puneesh is the new captain of this week. Akash makes a new rap on Puneesh. Hiten and Bandagi discussed and said to Puneesh not to interfere with Sapna as she will not do household work. Akash kissed and hugged Puneesh for captaincy. Salman said to all the members that bigg boss helps him to improve patience level. Salman asked Akash that he made new song with Hiten, he sung the song for Salman.

Salman congrats Pooja for the new song Afreen sarcastically. He Asked Pooja to sung Afreen and she do it for Salman. Salman ask for the deserving candidate for katghara this week. Vikas is the villain of the week. Shilpa ask Bigg boss to put bar on the area from where Vikas ran from the jail. Vikas ask for water for Arshi, Shilpa said he always ask something but don’t do anything by his own.

Akash and Shilpa sung song for Vikas the new song made by Akash. Shilpa made sad voice for vikas ji ap kb ja rhe ho, Vikas again break down and through his food. Shilpa didn’t stop and said again Gupta ji Tussi na jao please. Vikas said he could not able to eat food. Either day or night I could not able to eat food. Vikas said to Hiten, that she is behaving like Kamini sauteli maa.

Hina and Sapna discussed about Vikas and Shilpa, that there will be something bad with Shilpa. That’s why she is behaving badly. These are highlights so now weekend ka war. Salman thank Vikas for his patience, Salman said if were in your place I could not bear it. Salman ask is that happening over, all stand there hand and accepts it. Vikas said he is on the national tv, that’s why he couldn’t able to face it. If he was outside he might tied Shilpa with rope and ask what is problem.

Salman ask Shilpa did you cross the line. Salman asked other members not to interfere between them. They both are playing their games, and make this season only of Vikas and Shilpa. So from you both do anything by your own. No body will say anything about it.

Salman asked Hina why do you think? She said if Bigg boss is not doing anything, why should we interfere. She also added he doesn’t have patience, if Shilpa Does anything then he can go to other place or gave her back. Hina added that he is coming back to her always but don’t have patience.

Bigg Boss 11 4th November Episode Salman takes Shilpa side

Salman said more he gets irritated more she will going to do it. Salman try to make environment friendly and crack joke for everyone. Vikas discussed that she never go personal since long. Shilpa asks Bandagi has she done anything wrong to her and whether she asked her to come and enjoy over Vikas. Bandagi said I don’t take anyone’s side and for me both are wrong in their own way. Salman told Vikas and Shilpa that today we realise that there are other people too in the house. Salman congrats Vikas for getting in the captaincy race.

Bigg boss asks Puneesh to tell 5 names for rule breaker from 1-5th position. First position has one punishment and 2nd ranker has two punishments, 3rd one has three , 4th one has four and 5th one has five punishments. Puneesh decides Bandagi’s name for the first position for rule breaker, second benafsha, third hina , fourth Arshi and Vikas fifth.

First punishment put muddy water on head, second drink Bitter gourd juice with fish sauce, 5 slaps with fish, put clips on face and last brush with rae and soya sauce. All done all face punishment properly.

Punishment for house mates for not following rule, ranked 1 to 5.

Salman said after luxury budget Benafsha has the highest point how this is possible. Who was responsible for this. This is question of Indians how come this happened. Arshi said it’s their plan to save benafsha from nomination. Salman said nobody wants to be king all want to rule from back. Time for call from viewer question for Sapna, according to you who is the next contender for captaincy after Hiten in her point of view.

Time for name for elimination, Salman said anything can happen today. That I will tell you tomorrow. Priyank asked Bandagi to put lotion on his back. She had put it properly, Puneesh got jealous of it. Sapna told Priyank that Bandagi is falling for you. Puneesh said to Bandagi that you are going Dubai with Priyank she replied no. Puneesh kissed Bandagi in the bedroom.

Let’s see whats happened tomorrow, who will evict from the house so stay connected to us for more Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates.

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