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Bigg Boss 11 30th October Full Episode Written Updates With Video & Pictures

Day 28 Bigg Boss 11 30th October Full Episode Written Updates Bigg Boss ask all the inmates to house members to gave third name to tie in ring in replacement of Jyoti as she got eliminated tomorrow. Sapna named for third person in the race of captaincy. Bandagi says why should we roam because of her needs? Shilpa says this is not fair, I am sorry Sapna, I can not help, she says its okay. Shilpa comes to Aakash and says Bandagi is not standing up for Sapna but she got her clothes and everything.

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Bigg Boss 11 30th October Full Episode Written Updates

But Sapna not able to get tied with the ring as got detached from it in few minutes by a silly mistake. While she was picking up shocks for herself. Luv and Bandagi discuss different topics to irritate each other through verbal spat so that one of them get detach by himself only.

Hina and Puneesh supports both of them in the garden area in the morning at 5 am too. Both luv and Bandagi try to remove each other ring by pulling ring by their on ways. At last Bandagi got split from the ring and lose from the race of captaincy.

Luv New Captain of the house in 30th October Episode of Bigg Boss 11

After lot of drama with ring luv is the captain of this week as he was the one who last to get detached from the ring. Bandagi and Puneesh discuss what happened during captaincy task. She not able to win the task given by Bigg Boss, Punessh convinced her by telling she played well and tried her best.

Days 29 Starts with new morning song Ek main or Ek Tu Dono Mile Is Tarah and all dancing and enjoyed it in own style. Shilpa and Sapna discusses how Hiten in not handling Arshi in proper way. Sapna and Shilpa irritates Arshi by saying someone is burning. Arshi says to Hiten don’t do work so that we can go together in jail. Aakash told Luv that you became captain without doing any work. Akash start rapping to irritate Hina and Luv with his annoying lyrics.
Pooja told Akash to behave in proper way with her. Askash said sorry in written and Arshi pull the legs of Pooja as she smile when Akash said sorry to her.

Nomination Starts This Week

Sabhya Sachi Nominates Himself

Bigg boss call mehzabi and sabhya Sachi for nominations in the conference room. One will be safe and other will be nominated by discussion. Both of them trying to convince each other, Sabhya Sachi nominates himself and save mehzabi. Priyank, Benafsha, Hiten and Vikas discuss in the garden area that nobody said sorry what they have done to them. Priyank left the conversation because Vikas don’t let him speak over the topic.

Hina ask Priyank in the bedroom to not say anything which Salman ask not to do. Hina told benafsha Priyank luv we should be prepared for the worst when we entered in the house. Bandagi Puneesh convince Arshi to stick with vikash rather than Hiten.

Shilpa Save Akash & Nomites Herself

Bigg Boss 11 30th October Full Episode Written Updates

Shilpa Save Akash from Nominations

Next Shilpa and Akash in the conference room, Shilpa wanted to nominate herself instead of Akash because he is afraid. Sabhya Sachi try to flirt with Priyank in his own style in the garden area and said he most amazing person in the houses.

Next Sapna and Vikas in discussion Sapna nominates her self & safe Vikas. Next Hiten and Priyank Hiten nominates himself and save Priyank as he is new to the house.

Bigg Boss 11 30th October Full Episode Written Updates

Hina Nominates Herself And Save Puneesh

Hiten save Priyank

Hina and Puneesh together next, Puneesh tried his fullest to save himself, Hina nominate herself as Puneesh promised not to fight in house and will not go personal to anyone in house. In Arshi and Pooja case, dhinchak nominates herself and save Arshi from the nominations.

Both got nominated

Bandagi and benafsha in the conference room together benafsha trying to convince Bandagi to save her but she is not convinced. Both of them got nominated as there were no result in the discussion.

Being saved by Hiten, Priyank got nominated by Bigg boss because all contestants have given advice not tell anybody anything about discussion in the conference room by any means of action. But Priyank prays for Hiten infront of camera and ask for votes for him just after coming out of the room. So as a punishment Priyank got nominated for this week with last warning not to discuss about anyone personal life.
So the nominated people of this week are Sabhya Sachi , Sapna, Benafsha, Bandagi, Hina, Shilpa and Priyank. Vote for your favorite one to save them from eliminations this week.
Hina told everyone’s how Puneesh begged to her for not letting him nominated and save him and also said sorry to her parents in front of all in the conference room. She is now happy after he said to her earlier i.e. “Badjad” and 4kg makeup etc. because she made her realize about each and everything.  Akash Arshi and Dhinchak discusses that Pooja got attached with Luv and all house members knows about it through Akash and Arshi.

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