Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update : Vikas Requests To Quit Show

Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update : The contestants of Bigg Boss 11 wake up to the song Khalbali from the film, Rang De Basanti. The cracks in Vikas and Priyank friendship goes deeper as they both get into an argument again. Priyank tells Vikas that he should not give him any advice. Shilpa Shinde too sides with Priyank and tells him that Vikas cannot be anyone’s friend. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area, and tells them that their performance in the recent luxury budget task. Bigg boss told house mates that all have done fabulous work in the luxury budget in a sarcastic manner. Also, he asked the names of two contestants for jail. Housemates had to tell the name after proper discussion. Housemates discussed over the previous day task. Some supported Vikas and others supported Shilpa.

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Bigg Boss 11 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Shilpa and Arshi hugged each other after Hina’s reaction over Shilpa. Everyone in the house had different opinions. Majority voted against Mehjabin. Now some we’re against Shilpa too but she said that she played the game really well. There was a fight post that when the housemates didn’t agree with her for putting Vikas in the jail. Hina said that the first name she wants to be in the jail is Vikas but ethically he has won so he should not go to the jail. Shilpa started shouting on everyone after this.

Shilpa shouted that she does not want to live in this place because of these bad people in the house. Vikas is the one who makes plans for everything. After total discussion Luv announced the name of mehzabi and Vikas for jail, now bigg boss asked for another name excluding both Vikas and mehzabi. He said Arshi would be going next in the jail.
Vikas, Arshi and mehzabi we’re finally in the jail. Shilpa came and asked Vikas how he threatens people so that they don’t take his name. She irritated him a lot and Vikas didn’t react to anything. Shilpa kept on taunting and shouting at Vikas from outside the jail while he was sleeping inside.

Vikas told Arshi that he is done with all the people in the house. He went out of the jail through bars, bigg boss interfered in between and asked him to come in the conference room. Bigg Boss convinced him to stay in the house and be patient enough to handle stress. He returned back into the jail, Vikas cried about what was happening in the house. Arshi consoled him by saying bad about Hina and Shilpa. Bigg boss asked Luv to open the jail gate and asked Vikas to come in the conference room. In the conference room vikas said that he cannot tolerate and he is quitting the game. Bigg boss tried to console him but he broke down because all were against him. He was afraid of people in the house and couldn’t face them again. Bigg boss asked him to go back in the home. When he entered back , Shilpa asked him Gupta ji you didn’t go home? Vikas asked Luv to open the jail and he entered into it.

Shilpa and Akash again tried to irritate him. Bigg boss asked Shilpa to come in conference room and asked her why is she going personal to Vikas, even Bigg boss asked not to do so. Shilpa felt sorry for everything happened in the house. Bigg boss asked her to do anything but nothing personal to anyone that might hurt them. Hiten, Hina, Shilpa and Akash were making fun of Vikas. Shilpa takes food for Vikas in the jail and makes fun of him by saying “Gupta ji apka do waqt ka khana, ap gae nahi yaha se”. She also Sung a song for Vikas Tera picha na chodungi sonyio and said sorry again again for going personal. Akash also supported her. Priyank , Hina and Luv discussed about Shilpa she is doing wrong how come Vikas tolerating her from so long.

Vikas atlast asked Shilpa please let me know what he has so bad for her. Vikas told everything that happened between Shilpa and him. Shilpa told a news channel that Vikas is behind her removal from the show. He said there is nothing at all his role in removal of her as there are rules and regulations. He just do his duty and tell what was written in the papers. Priyank had a verbal spat between Akash and Priyank about as akash doesn’t allow Vikas to say his word about fight between Vikas and Shilpa.

Priyank got hyper Vikas asked him to calm down and come to him. Vikas told Priyank that he is enough capable of fighting his fights. Asked Priyank not to come in between his fights he doesn’t want favours from anyone. Priyank said he is not fighting for him, he is taking stand in house as nobody taking it. Shilpa and Aakash doing very bad in the house and Shilpa is very bad person in the house.

Priyank discussed with Hina that Aakash doing very bad why she is not saying anything. Hina said she is not saying anything to her. Again verbal spat between Aakash and Priyank and episodes ends here. Let’s see what happen tomorrow in teaser we saw Vikas again escape from the jail and also try to climb on the roof of Bigg Boss house.

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