Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update : Puneesh Peed In Pants

Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update : Bigg boss this episode starts from where it end yesterday Shilpa trying to irritate Vikas again in jail. Shilpa said once you sleep if by mistake you get disturbed it will take lot of time to go back to sleep. I will sing lullabies for you, to make you sleep again. Vikas covered himself with blanket and tried to sleep. But later Shilpa come bottle through into jail, to woke him up. But he won’t, Shilpa bring pool cleaning stick and remove his blanket with it.
Check out what Shilpa done with Vikas to break his patience level.

Vikas said he want to go bathroom, and wants Luv to open jail as his hand hurts he couldn’t able to use jail bathroom. He wants to use outside bathroom. Luv opened the jail and Vikas comes out and speak to the bigg boss that his hurt and head hurting please through me out of the house. I couldn’t bear these people in house. Luv said please go inside it’s my responsibility, Vikas go inside and come out through bars again. Vikas said now it’s my responsibility I am out by my own.

Bigg Boss 11 3nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

At 5 am he put chairs and table in the garden area and tried jump over roof but couldn’t get it.

Later sits in garden area, Luv come and convince him to go back and have sleep. She will not come bigg boss will ask you to come in confer room then tell everything to him. At 7 am he go back in jail through bars and slept. At 8 am morning song “wo Sikandar hi dosto” all enjoyed the song well. Luv told everybody about what Vikas do with chairs and table in the garden area.

Hina ask Luv seriously? He must ask me I would suggest something amazing. Akash and Puneesh tried to find shield of Akash from the bag of Vikas but didn’t get it.

Bandagi convinced Puneesh not to do something bad due to Akash he will not do anything good for you. If you continue this I will not talk to you. Shilpa said luv that you should say Vikas to gave Akash shield during breakfast. Luv said it’s not my responsibility. If bigg boss is not interfering why he should. Later luv told everything to Hiten what Shilpa done with him. Hiten said Shilpa wants everyone to hit Vikas mentally.

Puneesh and Akash again try to find shield but this time they got it in the bad and now Puneesh said don’t tell any body that you have shield. Shilpa again start irritating Vikas in the morning will you eat apple pie Vikas and how’s the sleep in the night. Vikas said why you doing this acting Shilpa replies because you stopped by acting career that’s why I am doing it here.

Shilpa taunt Vikas Love to run but come alter own. Shilpa said you are trying to control the game but now in the jail wow. Hiten advice luv how to sleep on couch in the morning just sit still and sleep there. I somebody ask say I am not sleeping. Later bigg boss that mehzabi, Vikas and Arshi now free from jail. Arshi comes out and lean down in the feet of Shilpa. Vikas tried to sleep Shilpa came back and ask Vikas what you have in food. Vikas please let me sleep I had medicines please slow me to sleep.

Bigg boss told Luv captaincy stop now time for new captain and told that Vikas is now capable to contender of captaincy. But due to his behaviour last night this week he is out of captaincy race. So Benafsha will be in the race if captaincy. Bigg ask another two name for captaincy excluding Vikas and Benafsha. Shilpa said Akash as he gave money to all including Benafsha, if he won’t then she won’t be in the race of captaincy. But all said Hiten instead of Akash so Akash got frustrated and left the discussion. Same way Sapna got frustrated as nobody took her name for captaincy this time too.
In the kitchen Akash says that I gave money to all Vikas and Benafsha but not body took my name. They all beg for money to me and in the end they gave me nothing. Akash said to camera this house is full of mean people.

Vikas, Arshi and Puneesh discussed how Akash changed again and just taking side of Shilpa. Check out below.

Bigg boss again asked for two name, Puneesh said by majority we have two names Hiten and Puneesh. Bigg boss said Puneesh, Benafsha and Hiten in the run of captaincy and they will have task later. There will be task between three, they have three cycle in the garden area for each of them. Who will be sitting last on it will be the winner. But there is a climax in the story they had to drink a glass of water after a beep. And start tilting cycle tilt cycle left and right when there green light blink.

The yellow light blinked twice, they had drunk two class of water each. How member cheering for their favorite. Akash asked three of them how’s they all are feeling on cycle. Meanwhile Arshi had some verbal spat between luv and advice him to just do his work rather blabber shit over her and also cheered for Hiten.

Puneesh ask if his bladder would burst then there is doctor in the house? All said it is our responsibility to take care our health not bigg boss. Puneesh said he might pee here only, but others advice Hiten it is not good practice to pee in the Pants as he is father of two. It’s cool for Puneesh and benafsha but now for Hiten.

Puneesh Pee in Pants During Task

Later Puneesh done pee in the pants on the cycle. At 9:30 pm light blink and they had to drink water again. Vikas discussed with bundagi that we want Puneesh to win. Benafsha said i will not do pee in pants on national tv just for a captaincy task. She got down from the cycle and went straight to the washroom.
Let’s she who will win this captaincy task Puneesh or Hiten as Puneesh will not stop peeing in pant. let see for how much time Hiten will going to control the pain of bladder for captaincy. Result of captain will come tomorrow, so stay tuned with us for more info about bigg boss season 11.

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