Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017 Full Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017 Full Episode Written Updates : Bigg Boss started with Puneesh and Bandagi’s romance. Shilpa and Vikas sorted everything between them. Also, Vikas kissed Shilpa on her chick and said sorry for everything he has done while holding her hand. Vikas also told Puneesh that he was wrong during the task. Vikas also apologised to Puneesh for hitting him. Puneesh said that is should not be repeated.

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Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017 Full Episode Written Updates

Next day everyone woke up to the song “Malhaari”. Akash and Puneesh were making fun of Vikas while he was in the jail and were calling him “Nalla”. Vikas ask Luv to be-aware of Puneesh, also he wanted Puneesh to be removed from the house not him. So according to Vikas Luv needs to be show his presence and importance in the house in the house.

Bigg Boss 11 18th October Lime Light : Luv Vs Puneesh & Akash

After conversation with Vikas, Luv asked everyone who had voted him out. Most of them said that they didn’t vote him out. He had a huge fight with Puneesh and they started abusing each other. Bandagi and other housemates came in between to solve the issue.

Vikas And Shilpa Sweet Opology – BB11 Episode 18th October

Diwali Celebrations in Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017

bigg boss 11 118th october

Check out there fight here below.

Puneesh became totally disturbed after the fight. Vikas told Bandagi to not get touchy with Puneesh because he is married plus he is 33 in age. Bandagi is just 23. Arshi and Luv discussed everything against Hina Khan.

The task for today was “Jo mud gaya wo udd gaya” round 2. Now Puneesh’s team will have to face this after Vikas’ team did it yesterday. They targeted Jyoti then Shilpa then Bandagi then Aakash. Puneesh proved to be very strong. He stayed there for too long. Hina, Hiten and others kept in trying different ways like pouring cold ice water. First they attacked on Jyoti with water and wood husk simultaneously one-by-one, she can’t able to resist them and removed from the stand. After Jyoti Bandagi was new pray for them and she also get easily removed from the stand after few shots of water from Hiten and Benafsha. The luxury budget task ends with the removal of the last contestant of Puneesh Team i.e. Puneesh itself. Bigg Boss announced winner of task i.e. Vikas Team as they removed the Puneesh team earlier.

Here are the some glimpse of the luxury budget task below.

bigg boss 11 18th October full episode
After this Bigg Boss asked two persons name who are worst performer in the task so that they must be put in the jail. Puneesh team named Jyoti and Arshi in the jail. So now Vikas , Arshi and Jyoti are in the jail. Arshi planned to steal sweets from the kitchen. So Vikas, Jyoti and Arshi stole sweets from the kitchen but get caught by other so they run fast towards jai, Vikas throws sweets in the jail and also tried to get into the jail through bars. Bigg Boss interfered in between so that they dont get hurt. And asked Puneesh to open the gates of jail and ask Vikas and other 2 to go inside it normally.
After Hina came and ask whose stupid plan it was? And say how stupid is Vikas as he had wasted sweets in the kitchen which was put for Diwali celebration for Salman and others. Hina gets hyper over Arshi over the stupid plan they made, in return Arshi abused her so Hina lost her control and said that Arshi has to pay for this as she had abused her mom. Cat fight gets more worse after this incident and the show ends here.

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