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Bevu Bella Dish Recipe For Yugadi : Finding the right recipe for Yugadi? We have got some for you. Check them out and try these at home and also let us know whether you liked them or not?  We hope that you like the Happy Ugadi bevu bella dish recipe and also try it.  Check out Happy Ugadi bevu bella dish recipe.

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Bevu Bella Dish Recipe For Yugadi

It is a symbolic dish that signifies the essence of life through its ingredients. Each ingredient in this dish signifies a different taste:

  • Neem flowers are for bitter taste that symbolises the difficulties in life
  • Tamarind is for sour taste that symbolises challenges
  • Chilli powder is for spicy taste that symbolises angry or upsetting moments
  • Unripe mango is for tangy taste that symbolises surprises
  • Salt is for salty taste that symbolises interest in life
  • Jaggery is for sweet taste that symbolises happiness

So, the dish has all the flavours, starting from bitterness and ending in sweetness. Bevu Bella denotes that life is a mixture of different experiences, emotions, and events that one must learn to face bravely. Each member of the family tastes this dish on Ugadi. Apart from Bevu Bella, several other dishes are prepared to celebrate the festivities on Ugadi. Holige and puliogure are two popular dishes of Karnataka that people cook and relish on Ugadi.

Thus, the festival is celebrated to welcome a new start in life every year with the expectations of happiness, well-being, growth, and prosperity.


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