11+ Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the World

11+ Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the World : Hola guys!  Its almost the end of 2017 and we all are exhausted from the obstacles, stress, haters, anxiety, workload and all the negativity we have faced this year. So what would help us get over this tiredness?-A stress-free holiday at a beautiful destination! So today we have have brought for you a list of some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Check out the list of 11+ Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the World.

11+ Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the World

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a very beautiful resort city situated in Thailand. This place has a tropical wet and dry climate and is perfect if you are looking for a place to relax by the beach or in a luxury yacht and relieve your stress and workload. Pattaya Beach is parallel to the city centre, and runs from Pattaya Nuea south to Walking Street. Along Beach Road are restaurants, shopping areas, and bars. If you are a music lover then you can also attend the Pattaya International Music Festival which is held annually in March. This festival presents several styles of music performed by various Thai and international artists.

long boat rides in Pattaya, Thailand

Paris, France

Who is not fascinated by the beauty of this magical city of love! It is the capital and also the most populous city of France. A must-visit place in this beautiful city is the Eiffel Tower. The Musee du Louvre is also an extremely marvelous place which is the most visited museum in the world. It showcases 35000 works of art by artists such as da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more.

city of love-Paris, France

Venice, Italy

This place is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges. This city is renowned for the beauty of its settings, artwork and architecture. It is also a great place for fashion and shopping. The Carnival of Venice is held annually in the city and lasts for 2 weeks where Venetian masks are worn.

Most beautiful holiday destination-Venice, Italy

Goa, India

This is a perfect place for party animals which has a perfect nightlife. It is famous for its trance parties and beeches. Goa stands 6th in the list of top ten nightlife cities in the world in a national geographic book. Another reason to visit this place is the water sports such as water scooter rides, banana boat rides, jet skiing, parasailing and many more.

trance parties and beeches in goa

Cape Town, South Africa

The city is famous for its harbour and the natural setting. It was named the best place to visit in the world by New York Times and Daily Telegraph. Clifton Beach is one of the most famous places here. The most popular areas for visitors to stay include Camps Bay, Sea Point, City Bowl, Hout Bay and Stellenbosch.

cape town africa tourism

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Budapest, Hungary

Take a Danube cruise for beautiful panoramic views of the place. Enjoy a performance at the world famous Budapest Opera House. Take a dip and relax in one of the famous baths of Budapest and we are sure all your stress and anxiety will go away!

budapest hungary tourist destination

Cappadocia, Turkey

This beautiful place in Turkey is incredible on its own. The place is very famous for hot air ballooning. Some of the top sights here are Monastery Valley, Old Village, Museum of Seljuk Civilization and many more. Hiking here is a dream of many adventurous youngsters out there.

cappadocia turkey holidays and vacations

Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

A trip to Leh Ladakh would definitely prove to be an unforgettable experience. This place has a great variety of flora and fauna. And if you are looking for something adventurous then you must try trekking, mountaineering, camel safaris and white water rafting at this incredibly beautiful place.

leh ladakh india beauty tourism

Island of Flores, Indonesia

The island of Flores is on the bucket list of many people around the world. Some of the places here that you must visit include Pantai Koka, Liang Bua, Pasar, Ikat Market, Spiderweb Rice Fields and more. Scuba diving and hiking are the popular activities to do here.

island of flores italy tourism

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a string of 5 fishing villages Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The fact that it is a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997 would give you an idea of how beautiful this place is. Sentiero Rosso, La Conchiglia, Guvano Beach, La Torre are some of the popular sights.

cinque terre for holidays or vacations

Stargazer’s Paradise of Uluru, Central Australia

A perfect place for nature lovers to go on a vacation! You can see the magnificent views of Uluru from the skies by a helicopter ride or a tandem sky dive. The view of trillions of stars at night is just incredible and would make you never leave this place.

stargazer's paradise of uluru in central australia

Santorini, Greece

This is a group of various islands. This is an ideal place to spend time with your partner and have a romantic vacation. Santorini is also comparable to heaven for those who love shopping. Basically it is nothing less than paradise.

santorini island in greece tourism for holidays

So these were some of the places that are on the bucket list of millions of people. We would definitely love to visit these amazing places and we are sure that you guys would too. Let us know if you like our articles in the comment section below and definitely comment your suggestions for further posts.


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